Lego Build For Cyclefest!

October 21, 2017

Bright Bricks are the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional building company, and they will be at Milntown to help YOU build a LEGO brick masterpiece!

Having featured on Channel 4’s Christmas schedule and called into action to build London’s famous ‘Batarang’ in support of the LEGO Batman movie, Duncan Titmarsh and his team at Bright Bricks have carved out a reputation as the world’s premier master builders.

Your challenge is to piece together a unique Cyclefest brick mosaic – specially designed for us by those creative sparks at Bright Bricks. The mosaic will be made with over 65,000 LEGO bricks and will require over 1,000 of you lovely people to build your very own 64 piece of the puzzle. Of course, you are welcome to contribute more than one piece, so all you budding master builders should get ready for a hard day at the construction site!

You can find the LEGO brick challenge in the new build Children’s Ti-Pi – our bespoke activity area for young festivalgoers. Building starts Saturday morning and continues through the weekend!

“We’re delighted to welcome Bright Bricks and the world famous LEGO bricks to Cyclefest. Bright Bricks have built a fantastic reputation and wowed people all over the world with their creations. They are bringing a wonderful Cyclefest themed mosaic to Milntown and we’re going to have great fun building it and watching it come together.”


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