Ghostly Goings-On!

October 21, 2017

Visitors to Cyclefest and Milntown Estate often comment on the beautiful setting. And Milntown House, with its grand façade always impresses. Today the house seems so peaceful, but we’re afraid to say that some of its former inhabitants still linger on! If you don’t believe us, then why not try our brand new tours courtesy of Isle of Man Ghost Tours?

Isle of Man Ghost Tours is the chilling brainchild of Alan Shaw. Starting life as the infamous Peel Ghost Walk, Alan soon set out to shine a light into more of our darker past, aiming to entertain, educate and inform the sleepy inhabitants of the island that, well… they’re not quite alone! As with all great tours, Alan encourages us to look at familiar places and familiar landmarks with fresh eyes, approaching local history from a fun and accessible angle.

And so it is at Milntown, where you can learn more about the island’s most haunted house. You will be guided around its grounds and told of its unnerving history by the island’s very own expert paranormal tour guides. Our Cyclefest Ghost Tours are absolutely FREE on entry to the festival at Milntown and last a good 30 minutes. Come along if you dare!

“Our ghost tours are guaranteed to be a real hit with kids and adults alike. Alan is undoubtedly both entertaining and informative, and while he takes delight in scaring you silly, he also loves packing his tales with fascinating factoids. We don’t think you’ll look at Milntown in the same way again.”


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